SciLifeLab Data Centre and the American Geophysical Union (AGU) invite you to a half-day event on 2022 May 9 focusing on the following Open Science themes:

  • The Path to Open, Reproducible Science - Stories from the Research Community
  • How to Open Science - Practical Use Cases, Lessons Learned from the Research Community
  • Open Science from a Broader Context - What Open Science Means from the National and International Perspectives

The event will feature a number of speakers (listed below) all addressing these themes on Open Science from various perspectives. The online event will start at 12:00 and end at 17:00 CEST (See date/time in your time zone). Please join us. Registration is free. Please join us and we look forward to seeing you.


Video/Redording: Coming Soon!


Your Journey Towards Open Science
Shelley Stall (American Geophysical Union)

The Road Beyond Open
Sara El Gebali (SciLifeLab)

FAIR and Open Science in the Biodiversity Research Community
Fredrik Ronquist (Swedish Museum of Natural History, SciLifeLab)

Genome Erosion Pipeline
David Diez del Molino (Swedish Museum of Natural History)

“If It Ain’t Broke, Why Fix it?” – Open Science Lessons Learned in the Field
Yuhan Douglas Rao (Cooperative Institute for Satellite and Earth System Studies, NC State University)

Ireland’s National Agenda for Open Research
Daniel Bangert (Digital Repository of Ireland, Royal Irish Academy)

An Open Science Future: National and International Perspectives
Christine Kirkpatrick (SDSC: San Diego SuperComputing Center)

Opening up to Open Science
Chelle Gentemann / NASA TOPS, Farallon Institute

Closing Remarks
Shelley Stall (American Geophysical Union)

Open Science Pathways in the Earth, Space, and Life Sciences
Johan Rung (SciLifeLab), Chris Erdmann (American Geophysical Union)
Etherpad Agenda/Notes