AGU’s Data Leadership Program website provides the Earth, space, and environmental science community with information on the latest work within AGU’s Data Leadership Program as well as highlights and links from other community work around best practices that support management, preservation, sharing, and citation of data and software.

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AGU Data and Software Author Guidance
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AGU’s Data Leadership Team:

Shelley Stall
Sr. Director, 0000-0003-2926-8353

Chris Erdmann
Asst. Director, 0000-0003-2554-180X


PARSEC logo The AGU Data Leadership team is supported through the Building New Tools for Data Sharing and Re-use through a Transnational Investigation of the Socioeconomic Impacts of Protected Areas (PARSEC) project with funding provided by the Belmont Forum through the National Science Foundation, Grant 1929464

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UNESCO logo The PARSEC project team is also funded by UNESCO/IGCP, Project 697.

NSF logo AGU’s Data Leadership work connecting data and software citation in our journals through to the NSF Public Access Repository is funded through the Accelerating Open and FAIR Data Practices Across the Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences: A Pilot with the NSF to Support Public Access to Research Data project, National Science Foundation, Grant 2025364.