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Data Help Desk

AGU Central, Data and Software FAIR, Hall B1 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM CT

  • Data Help Desk
  • Data and Software Management and Citation Workshops
  • Tool and Platform Resources

For a list of Data Help Desk presentations, see Mobile App for schedule and times

Data & Software FAIR Workshops

AGU Central: Connections and Collaboration Theater (B1), 9am

  • Monday, Use Software in your research? Cite it and get Credit for it!
  • Tuesday, Got Data? Preserve it, Cite it, Get Credit!
  • Wednesday, Digital Presence: How to make your research more discoverable.
  • Thursday, For Python and R users: Citing your Notebooks in your publication.

Data & Software FAIR Town Halls

Hybrid except where noted

pyOpenSci: A Diverse Community That Supports Peer-Reviewed, Discoverable, Citable, and Documented Open-Source Python Software for Science (TH023)
8 Dec, 11:15 CT, 17:15 UTC (Online)

Working Session: FAIR Workflows - ​​Best practices, services and tools for helping researchers increase the portability and reproducibility of their work. (TH23H)
14 Dec, 11:15 CT, 17:15 UTC, Rm 386-387

Working Session: Data Citations are Still Hard! Digging in on the Challenges and Tactics for Improvement (TH33L)
15 Dec, 11:15 CT, 17:15 UTC, Rm 395-396

Why Should I Share My Data? The Open-Science Starship Battling the Challenges of Sharing Open Data Across the Universe (TH35H)
15 Dec, 18:15 CT, 16 Dec, 00:15 UTC, Rm 386-387

Working Session: Generalist Repositories – How do we guide researchers to create more useful metadata? (TH43B)
16 Dec, 11:15 CT, 17:15 UTC, Rm 346-347

EarthCube: A Community-Driven Cyberinfrastructure for the Geosciences – A Look Ahead (TH53E)
17 Dec, 11:15 CT, 17:15 UTC, Rm 352

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