Plan, curate, and connect your software!

5 Tips to Citing Your Research Software and Improving Discovery: 1.) Write a Software Management Plan; 2.) Choose a Repository; 3.) Prepare Your Availability Statement; 4.) Include Software in the References; 5.) Add Instructions to Your Development Platform on How to Cite Your Software.

Get a copy of the Software Citation Checklist from Zenodo:

Tutorial, 15 min (YouTube):

Slides for reference (Zenodo):

This work is part of the Building New Tools for Data Sharing and Re-use through a Transnational Investigation of the Socioeconomic Impacts of Protected Areas (PARSEC) project with funding provided by the Belmont Forum through the National Science Foundation, Grant 1929464 as well as the Accelerating Open and FAIR Data Practices Across the Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences: A Pilot with the NSF to Support Public Access to Research Data project funded by the National Science Foundation, Grant 2025364.

Special thank you to Solange Santos, Francine Curivil, and Jennifer Goncalves of SciELO who are members of the PARSEC project and provided recommendations on improvements.