Notebooks Now! Enters Pilot Phase

AGU partners with Curvenote to deliver pilot implementation and integration

Posted by American Geophysical Union (AGU) on July 25, 2023 · 2 mins read

AGU partners with Curvenote to deliver pilot implementation and integration

Since we concluded the active phase of working group activity at the end of June, we have been hard at work on the details of the pilot phase and are excited to update you on our progress. The Pilot phase aims to transform the deliverables and workflows that were developed over the past six months into a workflow that will demonstrate the capabilities, functionality, and advantages of a computational notebook’s submission, peer-review, and publication as a primary element. In essence, we are creating a ‘proof- of- concept’ to demonstrate the benefits of such a workflow to notebook creators, as well as societies and publishers!

AGU has entered a partnership with Curvenote to help us deliver the implementation and integration work required to create and deploy a working pilot system. This partnership will ensure that the Notebooks Now! Project continues to receive the expert guidance needed to ensure successful creation of this workflow and navigate challenges and opportunities.

As part of this work, Curvenote will:

  • Help refine submission templates and continued standardization of the JATS/MECA for notebooks
  • Deploy a documentation website for tool specific submission instructions for the AGU template
  • Incorporate publishing-specific metadata as defined by the metadata working group
  • Develop a Curvenote based reading and hosting platform, integrated to BinderHub for use during peer review
  • Develop lightweight integration of the submission system to the existing peer-review system, working with eJournalPress to create a seamless submission workflow & infrastructure between Curvenote AGU’s peer review management system
  • Support accurate transfer of final MECA files including optimized JATS to Wiley and hosting the final published notebooks on an AGU-branded Curvenote reading system
  • Host up to 20 published notebooks on AGU’s partitioned domain.

AGU and Curvenote will continue to engage the working groups for feedback in key areas as the pilot is developed and tested.