Notebooks Now! Working Groups Engage to Tackle MVP

Posted by American Geophysical Union (AGU) on February 05, 2023 · 1 min read

Following the November workshop, we set out to define the minimum viable product that would deliver on the goals set out in the proposal document, and at the same time bound the development to a realistic goal for its first iteration. The MVP is intended to be a guide to deliver a viable notebook publishing solution that we can start from and expand upon.

The five working groups and their Chairs are as follows:


  • Rachel Kurchin
  • Steve Purves


  • Kenton McHenry
  • Julia Wagemann

Editorial and Peer Review

  • Tony Castronova
  • James Munroe
  • Rae De Guzman

Production and Post-Production

  • Rowan Cockett
  • Brooks Hanson
  • Alberto Pepe

Content Consumer

  • Doug Schuster
  • Jeffrey Beck
  • Sam Teplitzky

The working groups convened beginning in February 2023. Using the MVP document as a guide, the working groups began answering the questions raised at the November workshop.