2nd Workshop of the Data Citation Community of Practice

You are invited to participate in a newly formed Community of Practice for Data Citation in the Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences (and related sciences). This community of practice builds on discussions at the AGU Fall Meeting Data FAIR Town Hall, “Why Is Citing Data Still Hard?”.

In this workshop we want to address the use case of citing a large number of datasets such that credit for individual datasets is assigned properly. Discussion will include the concept of a “Data Collection” and the infrastructure and guidance still needed to fully implement so it is easier for researchers to use and receive credit when their data are cited in this manner.

Title: 2nd Workshop of the Data Citation Community of Practice for Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences (and Related Sciences)
When: Jun 8, 2021 11:00 AM Eastern Time (15:00 UTC) - Check time/date in your timezone

Draft Schedule/Speakers:

Repository Use Cases:

  • RO-Crate, Carole Goble
  • BioStudies, Ugis Sarkans
  • GBIF, Daniel Noesgaard
  • Pangaea, Uwe Schindler

Infrastructure Elements:

  • DOI Collection, Martin Fenner, DataCite
  • Make Data Count, Martin Fenner, DataCite
  • Scholix / OpenAire, Paolo Manghi

Workshop materials can be found at:

Agarwal, Deborah, Goble, Carole, Soiland-Reyes, Stian, Sarkans, Ugis, Noesgaard, Daniel, Schindler, Uwe, Fenner, Martin, Manghi, Paolo, Stall, Shelley, Coward, Caroline, Erdmann, Chris, 2021. Data Citation Community of Practice - 8 June 2021 Workshop. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4916734

Data Citation Community of Practice Website

In order to give the recommendations generated from these workshops a place for review and support, we are standing up an RDA working group that will collaborate with other interest groups and working groups already established in RDA with interest in DOIs, DOI Collections, repositories creating DOI collections, journals supporting citing DOI Collections, and Credit for the elements of a DOI Collection. You are welcome to participate in these workshops and coordinate the development and review of the recommendations.

In addition to the RDA review process for recommendations, we will also ask members of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) for review and comment. Especially: COPDESS Cluster, Data Stewardship Committee, Discovery, Research Object Citation, and Sustainable Data Management.


  • Caroline Coward, NASA JPL - Leading the development of the Community of Practice
  • Deb Agarwal, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Leading the scoping of the first use case and will be the use case “owner” for this working session.
  • Shelley Stall - AGU Sr. Director for Data Leadership helping to organize and support the effort.
  • Chris Erdmann – AGU Assistant Director for Data Stewardship helping to organize and support the effort.

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