Editorial Team Updates and Town Hall

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Ethical Research Principles and Responsibilities

Development of Principles and Responsibilities

After hosting Workshop 1 and Workshop 2, our Editorial Team and contributors have spent the last few months intensively reviewing the Working Group recommendations and developing a draft set of principles and responsibilities for using artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) in Earth and environmental science-focused research.

The team has developed a set of modules alongside the principles and responsibilities to better encapsulate the range of considerations and stakeholders. These modules cover topics ranging from the importance of transparency, risk and bias in applications of AI/ML, leading practices, and institutional guidance. Our overarching goal is to facilitate the development of equitable and just AI/ML that maximizes potential benefits while minimizing potential risks. We hope these principles can be used to update or inform general Scientific Code of Conduct policies through endorsement and adoption by organizations and institutions within the Earth, space, and environmental science community.

We’re very excited to be sharing this draft for community comment shortly! Stay tuned for an opportunity to weigh in.

We will be sharing updates on the process and outcomes of our writing effort in a Town Hall at #AGU22, the American Geophysical Union annual meeting, this Monday 9 December at 12:45 CT (18:45 UTC), both online and in-person in Chicago, USA. More details below!

Town Hall

Principles and Responsibilities for Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Earth, Space, and Environmental Science-Focused Research

(TH13G) 12 December, 12:45 CT (18:45 UTC), S105bc McCormick Place (South, Level 1)

Join us at our Town Hall to hear updates from the Editorial Team working on our principles and responsibilities for using AI/ML in Earth, space, and environmental science-focused research! We’ll hear an overview of the work so far, a discussion of the stakeholder survey that kicked off this writing effort, and a review of the current draft of the AI/ML ethics principles. There will be time for open discussion during the second half of the Town Hall.


  1. Welcome and Introductions - Shelley Stall, AGU
  2. NASA SMD: Ethics in Use of AI in Science - Manil Maskey and Mike Little, NASA
  3. Brief Overview of Work - Shelley Stall
  4. Review of Stakeholder Survey - Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Brandeis University
  5. Discussion - 25 min.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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